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XOOM by PayPal

Bolt Bucks

To launch PayPal's brand new super-fast, international money transfer service 'Xoom' we needed help from the fastest man in the world.

Famous sports icons like George Foreman and Arnold Schwarzenegger have reinvented themselves after their athletic careers to become successful entrepreneurs - and Usain Bolt is no different.

To bring this idea to life we created a series of comedic, mockumentary-styled content films that follows Bolt, as he attempts to make a name for himself in a totally different career - where speed is still everything.

Xoom: Teaser Trailers
Xoom: BoltBucks - 5sec Teaser
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Xoom: BoltBucks - 10sec Teaser
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Xoom: BoltBucks - 20sec Teaser
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To create noise around the launch we first rolled out a series of cutdown teaser trailers, before releasing the hero film - As a part of the launch, viewers were encouraged to visit where they could receive promotional rewards and perks.  

Xoom: Bolt Bucks - Hero Film
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We also got Bolt to tease his new career path on Twitter - elevating the campaign from a watchable piece of content to a PR stunt that gained global attention. 

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