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'Internet break'

Problem : With WiFi and 4G networks (almost) everywhere, people take access to the Internet for granted.

Insight : In today’s world even a short break from the Internet tests people’s patience to the point of frustration.

Idea : KitKat partner with Firefox to create an offline game that turns this frustration into a fun break.

We’re all familiar with the ‘Trouble finding that site’ message when you’ve lost you're internet connection.

This would be the perfect time give firefox users a break by introducing them to a simple yet addictive game.


In choosing to 'have a break' users will be redirected to a new tab where they can play.

The game will be designed for mobile first, using a simple swipe controls.

Once users have reconnected to the internet, the game uploads their top scores a leaderboard and prompted to share  there top score on social media.

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