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KitKat Senses

Kitkat tasked us to launch their New KitKat Senses share box as the perfect snack for events, dinner parties and small gatherings.


As the junior creative team on this project, we decided to play on their world-famous slogan ‘Have A Break’ and position the share box as the perfect ‘ice ‘break’er’ to diffuse awkward moments, no matter how ridiculous. 

Working with a tight budget, we wrote TV scripts depicting funny dinner party scenarios that would appeal to each of KatKat’s various markets (UK, USA & Germany/France).

KitKat Senses: TV
KitKat Senses: TimeTraveller
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KitKat Senses: Bath Tub
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KitKat Senses: Embarrassing Photo
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As part of the launch, we created a suite of 'awkward moment' memes that were posted across KitKat's social channels.

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