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'Make queuing fun'

Problem : HMV is losing to online giants like Xbox live, Playstation network, Apple store and more. If this continues the Stores will go out of business.

Idea : To motivate consumers to come into HMV stores, on the night of big releases we make Queuing fun. Customers will simply register and compete against one another to earn there place / get

ahead in the queue. The better you play, the better your place in the queue is. 

Digital games : While in queue customers will log onto the stores wifi register and compete in online games using their smartphones. The wifi's leader board will determine your place in the queue.


Live action games : Selected stores located in controlled environments like shopping centers would host live action games. For example laser tag for COD; a section of the shopping center would be re-skinned and transformed for people to play in with a leader board to determine your place in the queue.

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