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Football On Pixel

As official sponsors of the Lionesses, Google wanted to create an integrated 360 campaign for the Women’s World Cup 2023. 

Our response was 'Football on Pixel' - an authentic celebration of diversity and culture in Women’s football all across the UK. To bring this to life we worked with real grassroots teams, super-fans and pro players, showcasing how the Pixel 7 can help fix common inconveniences during the most relatable and exciting football moments.

As part of the lead creative team, I worked across the whole project - mainly focusing on developing the platform idea and creating the hero AV (TV, cinema and YouTube).

Google Pixel: Hero films - Football On Pixel
Google Pixel: TV - Multi Feature (30sec)
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Google Pixel: Cinema - Football on Pixel (60sec)
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Google Pixel: Youtube - Unblur Feature (20sec)
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Alongside our hero TV, Cinema and YouTube edits, we created unskippable pre-roll cutdowns, simply designed to drive brand awareness and affiliation to targeted sports fans.