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Finding Liverpool

Since Liverpool FC missed out on Champions League football, fans had no reason to galavant across Europe. So instead, we created a season-long campaign that inspired fans all around the world to visit Anfield and enjoy everything the city of Liverpool has to offer.

Introducing ‘Finding Liverpool’ a three-part series that travels the globe to explain how fans and players fell in love with a port city in the northwest of England.

As one half of the lead creative team, I worked across the whole campaign - from ideating the campaign concept to overseeing the production of the content series, trailer cutdowns and social teasers.

Expedia x LFC: Finding Liverpool - Content Series
Finding Liverpool : EP1 - Scousers In Shibuya
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Finding Liverpool: EP2 - No Place Like Home
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Finding Liverpool: EP3 - The Heart Of It All
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To help build excitement and anticipation around the release of each episode, we created teaser trailer cutdowns for both Expedia and Liverpool FC's social channels, giving fans a preview of what to expect.

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